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6 Major principles of DevOps

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DevOps is everything about learning from experiences, working on innovative ideas & adopting agile culture. DevOps principles & strategies are best trusted for exploring new opportunities & additional revenue thereby creating high performing organization.

When it comes to defying DevOps, it becomes tougher to explain as every organization has its own definition for it. Here below are six major DevOps principles that are must to be looked into while adopting or migrating to a DevOps way of working.

DevOps Principles Principle 1, Automate Everything

This is the most crucial principle in the DevOps concept. Automation doesn’t simply relate to software development process but also of the whole infrastructure landscape by building next-gen container-based cloud platforms. Automation will help the organizations with faster deployment of resources, effective use of resources, decrease in the time for production lifecycle, & a better customer interaction.

Principle 2, Create With The End in Mind

It’s high time for the organizations to stop adopting waterfall and process-oriented models that is apt for only a certain role functions. Instead organizations should now work towards acting as product companies that explicitly focus on building working products based on the customers interest & all the employees should start employing engineering mindset that will help them towards better understanding of the customers interest.

Principle 3, End To End Responsibility

Before the advent of DevOps organizations used to develop IT solutions which are then handed over to Operation team to deploy and maintain these solutions, Whereas, in DevOps both the development & operational teams are vertically organized such that they are fully accountable from concept to grave

Principle 4, Continuous Improvement

Unlike the age old days where organizations don’t easily adapt to the changing circumstances they weren’t able to progress much. However, DevOps is all about continuously improving the organizations strategies based on the changing market trends. Continuous improvement helps in diminishing waste, optimize for speed, costs, and ease of delivery, and to continuously improve the products/services offered.

Principle 5, Customer Centric Action

These days, small or big organizations need to implement short feedback loops with real customers and end-users. Understanding the interests of the customers is a major aspect for getting success in any business. Every DevOps implying organization in order to reach to the requirements & expectations of their customers should innovate continuously, pivot when an individual strategy is not (or no longer) working, and constantly invest in products and services that will receive a maximum level of customer delight.

As more number of organizations are working towards integrating DevOps in their workforce there is a constant rise in the demand for the experts in DevOps.

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