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Why Enterprises Need To Integrate DevOps In Their Software Development Process?

In today’s competitive world, enterprises are more focused on integrating new-age software technologies and business practices into their development process. Most of the leading multinational companies rely on automation tools and agile business practices that can enhance their software/application development process. This is where DevOps comes into the play.

DevOps can be interpreted as the new-age software delivery culture that ensures continuous development of products or services and mobilizes the resources to achieve frequent upgrades with minimal scope for errors. By deploying automation throughout the software delivery process, DevOps helps the enterprises achieve continuous software delivery, decrease in the time period of production lifecycle, frequent software releases, and many other benefits. DevOps has started making an impact on the enterprises’ software delivery process & application development practices at large. 

The list of most frequently used tools in the DevOps ecosystem include 

  • Puppet Tool
  • Nagios and Icinga
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Cloud Infrastructure Automation Tool

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Now, let’s look at why enterprises need to adopt DevOps in their software delivery process?

  • Better Resource Management

In the traditional waterfall software delivery process, the relationship between the cross-functional teams is mostly soiled. As a result, the software delivery process gets delayed big time. Unlike the traditional waterfall process, DevOps relies on an agile software delivery approach where the cross-functional teams will be working in collaboration towards achieving their shared goals.

  • Better Version Control

Inside the DevOps software delivery process, developers will be on a programmable dynamic infrastructure that lets them deploy automated coding scenarios. This approach can be seen throughout the software/application development lifecycle, thereby enabling a better version control until the end of the software development& testing process.

  • Better Addressing The Mitigation Defects

DevOps software delivery process makes it easy for the teams to detect the mitigate defects at any stage of the development cycle, which would otherwise consume a lot of time in the traditional software delivery process.  Also, DevOps processes make it easy to detect the defects in the application development process in the initial stage of development itself.  

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