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Which Is The Best Programming Language For Data Science?

The popularity of Data Science isn’t new to anyone. Speaking of learning Data Science, one of the most common questions that rise in the mind of people is ‘which programming languages should you learn for Data Science?’ Skills in programming are very crucial to excel in career in Data Science as most of the analytical operations in this field rely on the applications of coding. Work on our way towards becoming a job-ready Data Science expert by being a part of the intense Data Science Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s understand which programming language is best fit for Data Science.

Programming Language For Data Science

Both Python & R are among the most extensively used programming languages for analytical operations in Data Science. Both these languages find a lot of applications when it comes to aspects like Data Mining, Data Visualization, etc. 

If you compare Python & R, the popularity of Python would simply outpace the popularity of R. Both beginners & expert Data Science professionals are very much comfortable in working with Python in response to handling analytical operations as a part of their job role. 

In addition to being highly versatile and scalable in nature, Python is backed by an active user community base & so the advancements in Python happen more frequently compared to R. Also, its simple coding syntax & easy to learn coding nature makes Python as the most preferred language for programming in Data Science.

As per a study conducted on multiple job portals, its been stated that more that 66 percent Data Science related job postings mentioned Python as a must to have skill, while only 18 percent cited R. So, learning Python is a must for Data Science. One thing you should notice here is that the job opportunity for Python developers is extremely healthy.

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