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What Makes Jenkins Crucial For Continuous Integration In DevOps?

Jenkins can be interpreted as a powerful automation tool in DevOps which is written in Java. It can also be interpreted as a continuous integration server which is ideal to manage any type of build or continuous integration processes. Jenkins would be best for the development & operation teams of any size working on projects with any heterogeneous languages like Java, .net, PHP, etc.

What is Continuous Integration?

In order to explain Continuous Integration, let’s consider the example of where a bunch of developers are working on a project and code. Before the advent of DevOps, the development team would build the code first & delivers it to the testing team. If there are any errors in the code the testing team would revert the code back stating the issues in the code. Again the development team would be making changes to the code & the cycle repeats. This process consumes a lot of time & effort thereby wasting a lot of time in the project development. 

What if the development team & the testing team would work together in collaboration? This makes it possible to detect the issues early as testers would be checking the code every day & the developers would get the updates about the issues at the earliest. This ensures quick delivery of software & this what Continuous Integration means.

And so with Continuous Integration, early error detection and automation of build, compile and test will result in continuous delivery of the software development.

Why Jenkins Is The Ideal Choice For Continuous Integration? 

Jenkins comprises of numerous plugins that support connecting all software development tools which is used in code, test and deployment phases. This is the reason why Jenkins is the best loved tool in relation to Continuous Integration.

Speaking of continuous integration, Jenkins can be easily connected to various source code servers and has also got plugins to allow it to build test and deploy.

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