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What Makes Docker in DevOps the Most Popular Container Platform?

DevOps is not about accelerating or creating a new type of software that is better aligned with the cadence of continuous delivery, but about continuous integration of development and operations teams. To understand what DevOps is and why it is important, let us go beyond the two traditional methods that paved the way for it: continuous deployment and continuous integration. You can better understand about these processes with ouradvanced DevOps Training in Hyderabad program. Before getting started by integrating DevOps in the software development process, enterprises must create awareness among their team about what DevOps is, why your organization chose to adopt a “DevOps” culture, and how it works.

DevOps process assumes the use of agile principles such as continuous integration, continuous use, continuous integration and continuous use (CI/CD) and continuous delivery (CD).  

What Exactly is Docker?

Docker is the most extensively used container platform in the DevOps ecosystem. Docker supports developers to build, manage, and secure apps anywhere. Now, let’s examine the reasons that led to the wide popularity of Docker.

Unlike the other container tools, working on Docker to create and manage your containers is a lot easier. Docker supports Virtualbox, Docker for Mac/Windows, or supports containers natively as Linux as operating systems

One of the benefits of using Docker is that we can configure our computing hardware without slowing down the performance individual tasks. Mangting. Managing docker is a lot easier and it is very much affordable.

Docker can also help enterprises in efficient management of their software delivery process. Any issues that may arise in the development process can be addressed promptly without any delay. Docker has become the favourite tool for containerization for most of the developers.

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