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What is the Prominence of DevOps in the IT & Software Development Industry?

DevOps is a new age software delivery culture that emphasizes the need for attaining a culture shift in the software development process. It mainly sets its focus towards bringing a culture shift from implying age old unconventional principles in the software development process to implementing new strategic ideas like the complete up gradation of resources, deploying automation. The lean & agile software delivery approaches in DevOps can empower enterprises to achieve continuous software delivery frequent software releases, faster deployment of products in market & several other benefits.   

Companies, with the intent to stay competitive, are now readily hiring skilled & certified DevOps experts. But in sharp contrast to the demand, this industry is facing severe shortage of skilled & certified DevOps experts. 

What Exactly Is DevOps?

The prime motive of DevOps is to maintain effective collaboration and communication between the operational and the development units. With this approach, DevOps promotes better working conditions that would in turn boost up the production outcomes and drive effective profit margins. Also, continuous software deployments, helping in the underlying effective design of products that are bound to grab the attention of the customers are some of the benefiting aspects an organization.

Benefits Of Implementing DevOps:

  • It eliminates the communication barriers between the cross functional teams in the organizations
  • Improved operational support and faster fixes
  • Good processes across IT and teams, including automation
  • Increased team flexibility and agility
  •  Continuous software delivery
  • Happier, more engaged teams
  • Cross-skilling and self-improvement

DevOps Professionals Salary Range In The IT World:

According to the expert’s survey reports, there are excessive job opportunities with the higher salary packages for the skilled experts in DevOps. A certified expert in DevOps can expect salary between $137,000 and $180,000, this is much higher than any other IT professional can earn.

How A Certification In DevOps Can Benefit Your Career?

To excel in career in the field of DevOps, having a certificaiton is very cruicial. A certificaiton is an indication that you have atteiend rigorous training DevOps & have developed all the essential skills to effecienlty handle the compelx DevOpos industry challenges.

Currently there are a number of institutes that offer online & classroom based training in DevOps. Kelly Technologies DevOps Training in Hyderabad is the perfect solution for the DevOps career enthusiasts who wish to excel in their career as DevOps Engineers.

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