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What Is Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) & What Are Its Benefits?

Amazon Web Services is the most popular cloud computing platform developed & managed by the E-Commerce giant Amazon Company. AWS offers more than hundred different cloud solutions that cater to all types of enterprises cloud needs. Amazon S3 which is otherwise known as Amazon Simple Storage Service is the foundational product in the Amazon Web Services lineup.

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Understanding Amazon S3 Service:

To get a better of AWS S3 storage type, we should first need to understand concept of object storage. The file storage system in the laptops that we normally use depends on hierarchical block storage system that was developed several years ago. Amazon Simple Storage Service (or S3) is an advanced storage model developed by AWS that makes use of object storage type system which stores data as an independent object. An object can store related metadata and an object identifier. When compared with the traditional file storage system, object storage system has several advantages in terms of reliability, speed, & flexibility.

Most of the enterprises these days prefer S3 cloud storage service over any other cloud storage type as it supports high level of functionality for Big Data analysis using a data lake. Enterprises that deal with large volumes of data as a part of their day-to-day business activities like social media enterprises, & other large scale enterprises can benefit a lot from this form of storage service as they can cost effectively organize & analyze their Big Data.

Benefits of Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is one of the most extensively used storage service in AWS. S3 is having a lot of popularity in the cloud industry & is best known for its scalability feature. Users can subscribe to S3 for free & get started using its service. S3 is a highly scalable storage model that benefits enterprises with massive amounts of data to process in addition to developers data analysts.

Startup enterprises can benefit a lot from this type of storage service as they benefit from its massive storage capacity at an affordable price. High-end usability, cost effective structures, security, networking, performance are among the typical cloud computing benefits of S3 storage service.

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