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What Exactly Is DevOps? Prominent Techniques Associated with DevOps

Achieving a high level of quality and a high level of production is achievable through implementing various processes and approaches towards software delivery. DevOps is basically a system which combines IT operations and software development. It aims at reducing the total software lifecycle time and provides continuous quality with high reliability. In a nutshell, it is a process of application deployment in which the developers are empowered to apply a series of automated, step-by-step processes.

A major difference between Agile and DevOps is that while Agile focuses on the quality of the development of the software and its ability to meet customer needs, DevOps emphasizes the need to deliver software that is feature complete before the end of the lifecycle of the software project. By taking into account the importance of continuous improvement and ensuring that the system is highly scalable, a large number of improvements can be made over time. You can know more about DevOps and Agile processes with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Prominent Techniques In DevOps:

Some of the common techniques used in DevOps like Scrum, Sprints, Beta Testing, Continuous Integration, Lean Manufacturing, Agile and so on are directly or indirectly related to Agile principles. Some of the most popular software delivery approaches like Software as a Service (SaaS), Software as a Platform (SaaP) and Software as Service (SaaS) have their own specific features and benefits. There are many advantages of these approaches. The most obvious one is that they make it easy to create, deploy and maintain various types of software. These techniques also make it easy for the companies to scale their infrastructure and reduce their operating costs.

One of the most important concepts of software delivery is that you can only have a successful software system if all the software applications are written according to the same coding and style. This makes it difficult to introduce changes in the software code because it would require changing the entire architecture of the system. With proper software testing, you can ensure that the changes in the code will not break the existing system. You can also perform tests that will help to detect bugs before they can become serious issues.

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