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What Exactly Is Amazon RDS & What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

Everyone must be clearly aware of the ongoing cloud based revolution that is completely transforming the enterprises & users data management experience. There are several leading cloud computing service providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft & others that offer on-demand scalable cloud solutions. Among these pioneer cloud service providers, Amazon is the most preferred cloud service platform which has got over several millions of customer base globally.

AWS offers over thousand different cloud solutions that offer high computing speed, fast processing power, highly secured and also scalable & highly secured computing solutions for all types of enterprises & individuals cloud computing needs. Build in-depth expertise & hands-on real-world skills in the cloud based technology of AWS by being a part of Kelly Technologies advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, in this post, let’s have a look at Amazon Relational Databases (RDS).

What Is Amazon RDS?

Amazon RDS can simply be interpreted as a service that is developed to provide database connectivity through the Internet. RDS makes easy to set-up a relational database in the cloud.

One of the best features of using RDS is that it lets users to set their complete focus on application development rather than focusing on setting up a database & its management.  RDS is a fully managed RDBMS service.

Benefits Of Using RDS-

  • Reduced Administration Burden

RDS makes it easy to deploy the database from project conception to production. It frees up the organization or the employee from the burden of setting up a database & its administration tasks.

  • Cost-Effective

Users will only have to pay what they use, thus making it become the most economical model. It doesn’t involve any upfront maintenance cost. 

  • Security

AWS lets its users to create encryption keys with the help of Key Management Service (KMS). This feature lets users to allocate & restrict access permissions for their database.

  • Free Tier

AWS presents its users with the opportunity to have free tier usage of Amazon RDS for 750 hours/month for 12 months.

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