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What Exactly Does A Career In Data Science Has In Store For You?

The prominence of Data Science is growing beyond leaps and bounds and the job role of a Data Scientist has now become a lucrative career option. Being given the title as the sexiest job-role of 21st century, a career in Data Science has lot in store for you.

Exclusively High Salary Packages:

As per a Glassdoor report, the job role of Data Scientist has been as number one among the top 50 high paying job roles of 2020. Despite the surge in the demand for Data Scientists all over the world, the analytics industry is facing short supply of skilled and certified Data Scientists & this why many companies are coming forward offering exclusively high salary packages for expert Data Scientists. You can become a job-ready Data Scientist with our intense Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Let’s have a look at the salary packages of Data Scientists

Data Scientist-

  • On an average a skilled Data Scientist is offered salary of $117,345 per year
  • The minimum entry level salary of a Data Scientist is $87,000
  • With two to three years of work experience, a Data Scientist is paid salary as high as $157,000

Rapid Career Growth:

Data Science industry is considered to be having numerous opportunities that can contribute to a rapid career growth. To scale high in a career in Data Science to the full potential, one needs to develop skills in multidisciplinary areas including

  • Programming Languages- Python, R, SAS
  • Machine Learning Tools
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Statistics and Math
  • Effective Communication
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Data Mining, Cleaning and Munging
  • Big Data Platforms
  • Cloud Tools

If you are interested in stepping up for rising job opportunities in the field of Data Science, then joining our advanced Data Science Course in Hyderabad headedby analytics industry experts would undoubtedly be an apt choice.

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