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What Are The Challenges In A Hybrid Cloud Migration Process?

Most of the organizations are relying on the Hybrid Cloud model rather than private or public cloud. As its name suggests, the Hybrid Cloud model is generally superior to Private and Public cloud models as it incurs all the benefits present in these two models. By successfully migrating to a Hybrid cloud model, enterprises can benefit from efficient management of different application workloads.

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The numerous benefits of subscribing to a hybrid cloud model are encouraging the organizations to successfully migrate to a hybrid cloud model rather than Private or Public cloud models, but this process has its own challenges and issues. Now, let’s take a look at the major challenges that enterprises need to face in their Hybrid Cloud migration process.

Challenges In A Hybrid Cloud Migration Process-

The major set of challenges includes security concerns, migration complexities, components partitioning, networking issues, etc.

Let’s have a brief look at each of these challenges.

  • Security Challenges

Security & risk management is one of the major challenges involved in the process. In the case of a Private Cloud model, enterprises can easily protect their sensitive data, but when it comes to a Hybrid Cloud approach, enterprises need to deal with multiple security platforms, which would otherwise lead to security & identity management issues. 

  • Integration Complexity

Mostly there won’t be much difficulty involved isn’t involved in the process of moving regular applications between clouds, but when it comes to moving configurations and Metadata, enterprises will be facing a lot of difficulties as it involves several hundreds of applications. Also, the task of managing the infrastructure for the integration process is quite challenging.

  • Network Design

Network design is a very crucial factor that determines the extent of success in this hybrid cloud migration process. To ensure higher success levels, enterprises need to consider different aspects of network bandwidth, operational security requirements, and other essential factors while building their network design.

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