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What Are The Challenges DevOps Solves?

Everyone must be clearly aware of the ongoing DevOps revolution in the IT & Software development companies. The word “DevOps” comes from “Development’ and “Operations” teams. DevOps strategies work towards improving security, collaborative ways of working, data analytics, etc in the software/application development process of the enterprises.

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Now, let’s take a look at various challenges which are handled by DevOps

Prior to the advent of DevOps, individual development, operation & testing teams were employed for software program and writing & to test the code. If all the development & testing conditions are met then the code is moved to operations to deploy. The deployment teams are further divided into multiple teams. As all these teams used to work individually, this resulted in consuming a lot of time & also the end results aren’t satisfactory.

The other issues that arise in this model are

  • Developers would be unaware of QA and Ops roadblocks & so in most of the cases, the end results weren’t satisfactory.
  • QA and Ops teams are mostly unaware of the business purpose and value of the software.
  • As the teams worked individually, each team has its own set of goals which may sometime oppose the other teams’ goal. This lead to inefficiency in the process.

DevOps best addresses these challenges by making the cross-functional teams to work in collaboration by communicating about each others’ work and their end results. This approach has increased quality feedback and it has also resolved most of the automation issues.

As the testing process in DevOps is a continuous process done with the help of automation testing tools, there will be no scope for delayed testing issues.

The benefits of implementing DevOps in the enterprises development process are

  • No more delay in the development or testing process
  • Early detection & resolving bugs
  • Shorten lead time between fixes
  • Faster time to market
  • Continuous software delivery

This is the reason why most of the enterprises these days are curious to adopt the DevOps culture.

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