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What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon EC2 Instances

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AWS EC2 instances showcases various features the enable the enterprises to work towards developing enterprise class and scalable apps, which are resilient to failure. The features include Augmented Networking, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), High Storage Instances & many more.  These plethora of features are enough reasons why businesses choose EC2.

Let’s have a look at some of the most outstanding benefits of using Amazon EC2 instances

Uncomplicated To Begin With-

The prime reasons for the hype across EC2 instance type is that it is simple and quick. AWS lets its users to select pre-configured software on Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) by visiting the AWS Marketplace and get started without delay with Amazon EC2. EC2 Amazon console can be launched with a single click & its installation is also quite simple.

Web-Scale Computing With Elasticity-

Based on the requirements EC2 can facilitate the apps can scale itself up or down by itself & this feature is exhibited through web service application programming interfaces (APIs). The best feature here is that user can hire any number of server instances at the same time to increase or decrease capacity in a few minutes through Amazon EC2.

Low Cost-

Unlike other cloud computing services, customers are given the monetary benefits of Amazon’s scale. AWS lets its users to pay only for the capacity they have used & that too at  low rates. AWS also offers its customers to try some of the features of EC2 for free while there are other paid instances that you can choose from. Whatever might be the case user will never face issues related to any form of hidden expenses.

Complete Control-

User will be given complete control of the instances they have acquired access as you would interact with any machine as you have root access for each. User can also save data on their boot partition & also user will gain full control to stop & restart any instance through web service APIs.

Apart from these other features that are worth mentioning are highly secured,  Flexible Services for Cloud Hosting & well dependable.

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