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What Are Job Roles & Responsibilities Of DevOps Engineers?

DevOps can be interpreted as a revolutionary IT software or application development culture that emphasizes the need for collaboration between the Development & Operations teams. The application of DevOps in the enterprises’ software delivery process will help the development & operation teams to deploy code to production faster & release products more frequently. DevOps lean & agile software delivery approaches bring the cross-functional teams to work together towards achieving their common goals.

DevOps Engineers have now become very crucial for the software/application development organizations. DevOps Engineers are capable of making the enterprises severe their customers in a better way & helps them stay competitive in the market.

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Now, let’s get a clear idea of the job-roles & responsibilities of DevOps engineers.

Who Exactly A DevOps Engineer Is?

A DevOps Engineer is a skilled expert who’s capable of working closely with the software/application development & operation teams & administrates the code releases. Along with the skills to analyze, design, and evaluate automation scripts, DevOps experts need to have sound communication skills to collaborate effectively with the development, operational, automation, testing & other cross-functional teams.

Here below is the list of specific job-roles, responsibilities & skills of DevOps Engineers.

  • Need to be skillful in handling the troubleshooting issues across different platforms of the software/application development process.
  • Effective project management skills through open, standards-based platforms
  • Should be capable of enhancing the visibility & traceability of the project
  • Capable of working on cost control mechanisms
  • Should be capable of handling advanced cloud security solutions services
  • Should have effective problem-solving skills along with excellent communication skills

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