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Use Cases of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time

The use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence driven smart applications are impacting our everyday life and industries across the verticals. Data Science and AI powered algorithms are empowering machines and computer systems to learn from big data and make accurate decisions based on the insights. The rapid advancements in these fields have made it possible to develop drugs and vaccines for the COVID virus within a short interval which would otherwise take more than three to four years. You can know how exactly the algorithms in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence work with the help of our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s analyze the prominent real-time use cases of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Google Maps

Most of you must be aware of the smart Google Maps features in our smartphones. By analyzing real-time data collected from mobile users, Google Maps can analyze the traffic in your route course and predict the time it would take to reach your destination. By using Data Science and AI, Google Maps are also capable of finding the shortest route to your destination.

  • Ridesharing Apps Like Uber and Lyft

Have you ever tried Uber, Ola or any other applications to reach your destination? If so, you must surely be wondering how these applications would predict the price of your ride or how in the world does these apps would match you with the passengers travelling a destination same as yours? The answer to your question would be the use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms that would be analyzing data in real-time. These algorithms are also able to predict rides, estimate how long it would take to reach your destination and more.

Get to understand how these algorithms are capable of analyzing data in real-time by joining the intense Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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