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Understanding The Concept Of Data Governance & Security

The prominence of Big Data is known to everyone & experts have coined the term data as the new oil for businesses irrespective of its type. Enterprises around the world are working on data to make it as an asset that helps drive business insights. On the other side of the coin, most of the organizations aren’t clearly aware of the level of risk associated with how they acquired data, or where and how they’ve stored, shared and made use of data.

Data Governance is very crucial for the enterprises if they don’t want to put their Digital Transformation at risk. Build real-time knowledge of Data Governance & its security measures by joining us for our advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad.

Understanding the Data Governance & Security Challenges

As the use of data has predominantly increased over last few years, its governance has become a major challenge. Most of the countries around the world are literally struggling to create a proper legislation that can keep pace with the explosion of information held by private and public sector organizations.

We have seen several regulations which determine what big business can do with people’s data. Legislations are working towards creating a awareness among the public in relation to their data management. In response, people are nowadays very curious to know what data your business holds about them, how exactly this information is is being used, & to whom their information is being passed to.

Knowing How & Why Data Is Stored and Used

As we all know that most of the businesses around the world are obsessed with data lineage and the life cycle of information, from its origins to how this data is processed to extract the insights from time to time.

For businesses to make their customers feel confident about how their data is being used, it is very important for them to have an in-depth understanding of the data it stores and collects. Organizations should be clearly aware of the process how employees acquire and source data. Data Governance & security should be given utmost prominence & if ignored, organization’s data assets can quickly become a liability.

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