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Understanding DevOps & Its Core Attributes

DevOps is a new-age software development culture that is actually a combination of IT and software operations. DevOps workflow ensures to minimize the software development lifecycle process and enables continuous delivery with good quality software. The use of DevOps is becoming increasingly prevalent across the IT and software development industries.

Some of the major aspects of DevOps software development process include automated integration tests, continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery. The overall strategy should be aligned with the software project requirements and the business requirements. Build expertise in handling the job-roles and responsibilities of DevOps Engineer with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

DevOps Core Attributes:

The core attributes of DevOps include Communication, Automation and Cooperation. There are three primary technologies that are commonly used by most of the DevOps tools. These are containers, virtualization and Docker for managing containers. Other technologies such as NFS and OpenStack may also be added if they can improve the business process.

While it may seem trivial or even trivial to many people, it has significant impact on organizations. As organizations become more dependent on technology, they have to find ways to reduce their IT expenditures and this is where the use of DevOps is becoming increasingly crucial. DevOps is beneficial for the environment because it has the capability of automating processes. This allows companies to be more productive while reducing their environmental impact. It also enables organizations to do less manual labour to reduce their operational costs.

However, DevOps process involves a lot of complexity & It is quite difficult to get things right the first time. Also, it takes a considerable amount of time to set up a complete system.

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