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Understanding BizDevOps

DevOps is an advanced culture in the IT software development process that emphasizes towards building an agile software delivery approach. Everyone has accepted the fact that defining DevOps with a single definition wouldn’t simply justify it as DevOps relates to a lot of things & it means different things for different people. However, one of the widely accepted definitions in relation to DevOps is that it is a culture, a movement, set of practices & use of automation tools that help in managing complex systems.

At its core, DevOps strategies work towards unifying the cross functional teams in the software delivery process to enhance the productivity levels.  Get to know more about DevOps software delivery process by joining for the best DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Introducing BizDevOps-

The term BizDevOps relates to boosting the products success rate & to reduce the product failures by considering the customer sentiments and market conditions & integrating them with the application/software development processes. As most of the companies work by integrating their business goals with development goals, BizDevOps is a change that simply automates this process.

Main Stages That Comprise The Biz Loop:


In the first stage, enterprisers & business stakeholders will be working towards collecting the latest customer and market feedback to define the perfect plan of action. By carefully analyzing the insights which are generated from the analysis reports will be presenting the enterprises with a clear idea of their business goals & objectives.


In this step, the business stakeholders will be designing a well structured solution model which will be decomposed into functional components that best addresses the business needs.


In this step, stakeholders will be working on their vision by deploying automated workflows. Integration models are also deployed throughout the toolchain in this stage.


At this final stage, stakeholders will be approving the best solutions that are designed to achieve the business needs based on the feedback which is generated from various means.

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