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Top Reasons Why You Need To Get Certified In AWS This Year

AWS is emerging out as one among the most dominant technologies in the cloud industry. Currently, the demand for the certified experts in most of leading multinational companies across the IT & Corporate domains is sky rocketing. Few companies are even coming forward offering exclusively high salary packages for the best skills in AWS.

However, we should remember that certifications are never a substitute for actual experience. But there’s no doubt in accepting the fact with a certification in AWS will open up the scope for a new world of career opportunities

Now let’s have look at the top reasons why should you pursue AWS certifications?

  • AWS is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard of the Cloud

When speaking of the cloud industry, AWS is almost like a leader in every aspect. As per the opinion of Gartner, AWS is believed to be over 10 times bigger than its next 14 competitors, combined! If you are a fresher graduate or an experienced professional who’s looking to shift from his/her existing technologies to cloud then AWS would surely be the right choice for you.

In response to the rising demand for AWS, experienced professionals working in domains like web developer, networking admin, database admin, Big Data Analysts, IoT developers, a Big Data analyst, an AI developer are all very curious to learn & upskill their knowledge in AWS. Having the skills in AWS, you are bound to stay productive & highly competitive.

  • AWS Certifications Are Feasible and Within Reach

Speaking of the certifications in the cloud industry, AWS certifications offers more realistic certification path to the aspirants. This means that you can clear the certification without any extensive training which isn’t the case with the other cloud vendors. However this doesn’t imply that AWS certifications are quite easy to achieve, the fact that which we are implying here is that in order to get a certification in AWS one doesn’t require to quit his/her existing job.

  • AWS Skills Are in High Demand and Pay Top Money

According to Forbes, AWS certifications are the top paying certifications

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