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Top Questions Which DevOps Engineers Could Be Asked In Their Interview Process

Next to Data Science, the job role of a DevOps engineer is considered to be the most in-demand professions.  However, owing to various reasons, the industry is facing shortage & skilled & certified professionals in DevOps. This is the reason why companies are very keen to recruit the best talent in DevOps & are offering exceptional salaries as high as $105,000 for the best skilled DevOps engineers.

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If you are working towards applying for the DevOps job role, here below is the list of top questions which you could be asked in the interview process.

Is DevOps Really Essential For Sufficiently Deliver And Support Software?

Interviewers with the intent of knowing whether or not the candidate is having sound knowledge in the foundational concepts of DevOps they would be asking them to define DevOps & questions them if it is really necessary?

Before the advent of DevOps, enterprises have always been in tension between releasing updates to the market (developer viewpoint) and products just getting thrown over the wall (operations viewpoint). This different mindset among members of the internal teams would simply result in delayed implementation.

With this sort of delayed approach, enterprises are would surely be left behind in the present days rapidly changing competitive market. So, as an answer to this question recruiters would like to hear how DevOps can help the enterprises in breaking down these internal tensions & help them stay competitive.

What Are Your Best DevOps Practices That Can Guide The Enterprises To Success?

With the intent to analyze the candidates’ knowledge in the DevOps though process, recruiters would be asking questions related to DevOps deployment strategies. 

As we are clearly aware that continuous delivery or deployment being the end goal of DevOps, it takes several incremental changes to reach to the final results. As an answer to this question, recruiters would like to hear about the techniques using which features can be taken to market quickly, deployment of automation throughout the delivery process & other such essential details from the candidate

Interviewers will also be asking technical questions like

Which types of version control software you have knowledge of?

Which tools in automation you have worked on?

What code platforms have you used?

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