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Top Five Essential Skills For A Successful Career In Data Science

The exclusive demand for Data Science & its related technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is well known to everyone. However, irrespective of the rising demand for Data Science, the industry is facing a shortage of expert Data Science professionals who are capable of handling all the challenges of this industry. This is the reason why many enterprises are coming forward offering exclusively high salary packages ($143,000) for the best skilled & certified Data Science experts.

This rise in the demand for Data Science & its high paying job-roles is encouraging professionals to make a career shift from their existing technology into Data Science. If you are among those professionals, then join us for our Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program to make a successful career transition into the Data Science industry.

Now, let’s take a look at the top most essential skills that are very crucial for a successful career in Data Science.

  • Programming Skills

Most of the analytics operations in Data Science like data mining, data modelling, and other techniques require Data Scientists to have extensive knowledge of coding with programming languages like R/Python & querying language like SQL. Interviewers would generally be asking questions related to programming in Data Science to know how knowledgeable the candidate is in the basics.

  • Statistics

Having good foundation skills in statistics is very crucial to succeed in a career as a Data Scientist. Statistics & mathematics concepts like probability will be playing a crucial role in data modelling, data-driven decision making.

  • Machine Learning

Having skills in relation to Machine Learning algorithms is also very crucial for Data Scientists. Machine Learning models are very crucial to deal with data of large quantities. This involves understanding how to model algorithms for accurate analysis of Big Data, identifying the relevant algorithm for the analytic model and must be clear about the functionalities of these algorithms & more.

  • Data Visualization & Communication

For the stakeholders to make accurate data-driven decisions, Data Scientists should be able to communicate their findings from the Big Data through effective visuals. Tools like Matplotlib & Tableau are among popular for Data Visualization & Data Scientists should be expertise in working on them.

  • Data Intuition

Data Scientists should be having strong data intuition skills. They should be having a strong understanding of the data in hand & should be able to look at any business problem as a data-driven problem that can be solved with the application of data-driven analytics models. 

Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science training program will help you master the knowledge of all the core technical & non-technical skills involving Data Science right from the very basics. As a part of this Data Science training, students will be working on multiple capstone projects that would help in boosting their practical expertise. Become a job-ready Data Scientist by joining our institutes comprehensive Data Science training program in real-time.

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