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Top DevOps Terms Which Every DevOps Career Enthusiast Should Know

Are you planning towards building your career in DevOps but tripping on the lingo? In this blog post we will be discussing about the top DevOps terms and phrases which every DevOps career enthusiast should know. 

10 Next-Level DevOps Terms, Explained

  • Scrum

Scrum is one among the most popular agile framework in DevOps . The term Scrum was conceived by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber in the year1995 as an integration concept. It is a lightweight software development process whose framework creates the environment where teams can become agile.

  • DevOps engineer

A DevOps Engineer is a skilled professional who is well proficient in building and setting up the DevOps architecture inside the organizations workforce. They are very much skilled in carrying out the applications of continuous delivery and monitoring, and also the ‘first point to interact’ in case of any product software issues.

  • Continuous Testing

The term Continuous testing relates to the process of executing continuous automated test cases as part of the build process. This is one among the key strategies of DevOps where the software development team is alerted about the issues from time to time within in the development process. This means that both development & testing process run simultaneously in parallel throughout the product lifecycle.

Without automating the testing process it would be very tough to simultaneously carry out development &testing. One thing to remember here is that with the increase in the complexity of the architecture in the cloud the more critical the continuous testing process would become.

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)

Test Driven Deployment which is simply known as TDD is a part of DevOps where developers do small tests to verify how a piece of code behaves. Initially these tests fail, but the goal is to add code to make it work.

  • Rollback

In the event of occurrence If a bug in the newly released build, the DevOps team may decide it’s beneficial to perform a rollback. By enabling rollback they would revert the build to its prior instance.

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