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The Process Of Continuous Integration In DevOps

Continuous Integration is a software development process in the DevOps model. As a part of the software development process, developers keep merging the code which they have developed into a central repository which is immediately followed by automated building & test runs. The primary objective of Continuous Integration process is to detect & address bugs quicker, improve software quality. With Continuous Integration enterprises can benefit from reduced time for validations and can frequently release new software updates.

Why is Continuous Integration Needed?

Until the advent of DevOps, the process of software development process involves development team work in isolation for an extended period of time & only when their work gets done they will be merging their changes to the master branch. This process not only consumes a lot of time but also makes the bugs stay unnoticed over a long period. As a result, the products couldn’t be delivered quickly to the customers.

How Does Continuous Integration Work?

In the DevOps model with continuous integration, developers frequently merge their code in a shared repository by making use of version control systems such as Git. And at the same time prior to each commit, developers will be performing local tests on their on their code so as to identify bugs before integrating. A continuous integration service will be running unit tests on the new code so as to immediately detect & eliminate the bugs.

To explain it in a much simple way, Continuous Integration relates to both build & test units working in collaboration throughout the stages of the software release process. For every revision that occurs, the automated build & test process gets simultaneously triggered.

Benefits Of Continuous Integration Process-

  • Enhances Developer Productivity

By successfully implanting Continuous Integration process, enterprises can ensure that their development team stays more productive as it frees them from manual tasks

  • Find and Address Bugs Quicker

With more frequent testing it encourages the developers & testers to quickly identify & clear the bugs & release to customers.

  • Deliver Updates Faster

Continuous integration helps your team deliver updates to their customers faster and more frequently.

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