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The Principle Approach & The Major Principles In DevOps

DevOps is a new-age software delivery culture that mainly questions the need for attaining a change from implying age-old unconventional software development principles to implementing new strategic ideas. DevOps sets mostly its focus on upgrading the existing resources, deploying automation throughout the development process & sharing priorities among the cross-functional teams for better production outcomes.

DevOps strategies promote innovative software/application development culture, where the relation between the teams is no longer soiled. DevOps strategies have become crucial for amplifying efficiency, along with improving the quality of the products/software developed.

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The Principle Approach In DevOps-

DevOps is a never-ending software development cyclic process that moves from the planning stage to the monitoring stage with various meet points. One of the major principles of DevOps is to make the development & operation teams work in collaboration while being agile throughout the process.

The five major continuous processes in DevOps include

  • Constant Development
  • Constant Testing
  • Constant Implementation
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Continuous Deployment

Six Major Principles Involving DevOps-

The six major principles of DevOps include

  • Taking customer customer-centric action with short feedback loops
  • Create with the End in mind & let go off traditional waterfall software delivery practices
  • Focusing on end-to-end responsibility between the operational & development teams
  • Cross-Functional Autonomous Teams should work collectively
  • Continuous improvement
  • Automate everything you can

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