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The Impact Of Deep Learning In The Age Of Big Data-Towards Career in Analytics

Deep Learning is more like a subset of Machine Leaning technology in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. It makes use of artificial neural networks so as to learn from data that is unstructured or unlabeled.

Over the years, Deep Learning has evolved to a great extent resulting in the development of many innovative applications in the age of Big Data. The data collected from social media, internet search engines, e-commerce platforms, and online cinemas, can be accurately analyzed to predict the future accurately with Deep Learning.

How Deep Learning Is Making A Difference?

Deep Learning technology is now employed for the purpose of enhancing the airport security. The airport security staff are always in a critical situation to spot any malicious or illegal activity from the passengers who will be boarding the plane. By making use of machines that are powered by Deep Learning models it becomes easy to process and make sense from a large volumes of “unsupervised” data.

Cyber security is another such areas where Deep Learning is creating an impact. With the rise in the number of cyber threats, the global economy is loosing around 400 billion dollars. Both AI & Deep Learning technologies are the ideal technologies for the identification & prevention of cyber crimes at large.

Another area where Deep Learning applications are used at large is image sensing & recognition. By using Deep Learning technology it becomes possible to bring black and white images back to life by infusing color into them. The advanced algorithm infused by AI can learn to predict the colors that were greyed out in the original images.

Deep Learning technology is efficiently being employed for the disaster management. It can detect disasters earlier & prevent loss of life and property efficiently. In order to gain accuracy in this regard it makes use of the data from satellites, sensors, expert knowledge, and hazard models.

Deep Learning is still in its early stages of development & is expected to develop further in the years to come. Gain expertise in this leading analytics technology by being a part of our Kelly Technologies advanced analytics based learning program of Data Science Training In Hyderabad.

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