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The Crucial Teams Enterprises Need To Have For Success In DevOps:

Most of the enterprises around the world have started embracing the DevOps culture at large. DevOps lean & agile software development processes are best known for empowering the speed in the delivery process and also help in achieving greater business agility achieved from collaborative work approach between the development and operation teams.

Enterprises shouldn’t mistake DevOps as a mere technology play that is all about the tools and automation. The fact concerning DevOps is that it is beyond automation & achieving success with DevOps largely relies on having the right people in the right DevOps roles. If you wish to get an in-depth knowledge of the DevOps software delivery process, then join us for the Best DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by industry experts at Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s take a look at the different roles that are pivotal for any enterprise that wishes to achieve success with DevOps.

  • DevOps Evangelist

Most of the enterprises that have achieved success with DevOps have agreed on the fact DevOps Evangelist have a lot to contribute & they are the leaders who will be managing the teams & the DevOps processes towards achieving success.

DevOps Evangelists are entitled for the smooth functioning of the cross functional teams. It is their responsibility of these experts to ensure that the teams are sufficiently trained & capable of handling any form of challenges.

  • The Release Manager

Release managers are also referred to as release engineers. As a part of their job-role, Release Managers need to take care of the product development lifecycle process right from development through production. The key difference between traditional project managers & release managers is that release managers need to address more of the technical details & hurdles which the latter wouldn’t touch. Without a skilled Release Manager achieving continuous delivery is close to impossible.

  • The Automation Architect

As the extent of success in the enterprises DevOps strategies is largely dependent on automated systems, the Automation Architects would undoubtedly become a crucial part of this process. As a part of their job role, the Automated Architects need to analyze, design, and implement strategies that would ensure the continuous deployment of products. These experts are fully responsible for the creation of automated environment & they ensure its smooth run free from obstacles.  

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