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The Agile & DevOps Software Development Approach

The Agile Development work approach can be interpreted as an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. Scrum, Kanban and Scaled Agile are among the most extensively used Agile Software Development approaches. Each of these agile methodologies follows different set of approaches towards achieving a common vision.  Get a clear idea of the DevOps Agile work approach by examining multiple real-time case studies with Kelly Technologies advanced DevOps career program of DevOps Training In Hyderabad.

Agile Software Development Approach-

Agile approaches works towards achieving a refined software delivery system by emphasizing on iteration and the continuous feedback. The common set of practices that are included in different agile approaches are continuous planning, continuous testing, continuous integration & other continuous operations. Compared to the traditional waterfall approach, enterprises that have adopted Agile approach have recorded faster software delivery, lesser time to market & where able to deliver better customer satisfactory products.

The most important aspects of the Agile Software delivery approach is to empower the software development teams by making them to work in collaboration and also enabling them to take decisions together quickly and effectively.

Agile DevOps Software Development Approach-

DevOps software development practices can be interpreted as the extension of agile development practices. DevOps practices work towards streamlining build, validate, and deploy and delivery stages, while presenting the teams involved in the software development process with full ownership of software applications right from the initial development stage to end production stage.

DevOps practices work towards emphasizing better communication between the cross functional teams in addition to iterative collaboration, integration and automation approaches. With this set of approach, DevOps works towards improving the speed and quality of delivering software.

In the DevOps software delivery process, the delivery process can be seen completely automated that empowers the aspects of delivery predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability. DevOps tools like Nagios, Maven, GIT, Docker, Jenkins, etc will be helping the teams to get a better control of the production environment & to get a clear idea of the production infrastructure.

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