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Skills Required To Become A Data Scientist & Big Data Specialist

Data Science professionals are the experts who are efficiently skilled in handling all the real-world challenges of Big Data management. Having skills to perform Data Modelling & Predictive Analysis techniques and with access to advanced data analysis tools & algorithms, these analytical professionals are very much capable of playing with Big Data at the tip of their fingers. Most of the enterprises across the IT, Healthcare, Business,  E-commerce, Automobile, Banking, & several other sectors are in dire need of skilled data analytical experts.

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Now, let’s look at the list of the most essential skill sets to become a Data Scientist & Big Data Specialist.

  • Skills Required To Be A Data Scientist

Coding-Both Python & R languages are extensively used in Data Science.

Hadoop Platform- Skills in Hadoop isn’t that mandatory but still, knowledge of Hadoop can help you with better data management. Skills in Hive or Pig would also be an added advantage.

SQL Database/Coding- Knowledge of SQL is essential to write & execute complex queries.

Machine Learning Algorithms- Knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms is very crucial for Predictive Analysis.

Data Visualization- Skills for handling Data Visualization tools like Tableau is very crucial.

Communication Skills- Goodcommunication skills will help you at the time of interpreting the results with stakeholders.

  • Skills Required to Become a Big Data Specialist

Analytical Skills- Both Analytical & problem-solving skills are very crucial to accurately interpret with Big Data & to make the most out of its insights.

Mathematics & Statistical Skills- Having statistical & mathematical skills is very critical as they help in better data understanding.

Business Skill- Having a clear understanding of the business objectives & underlying business processes are also very crucial skills. 

Creativity- You should be able to develop new ways to gather, explore & analyze the insights from Big Data.

Knowledge of Algorithms- Developing skills for handling algorithms in Machine Learning & data management tools are also very cruicial.

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