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Roadmap To Become A Successful Data Scientist

As a part of our day-to-day activities we are generating over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Big Data has got the potential to impact the businesses at large. Most of the leading companies around the world from Google search to Facebook feeds & Netflix subscriptions, every activity which we perform over the internet generates data. All this data needs to be accurately analyzed and managed. Data Science is the best technology in use for handling the Big Data & Analytics operations.

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Now, let’s take a look at the roadmap which can help you become a successful Data Scientist.  


Just like any other technology, mastering Data Science requires proficient knowledge in the subject. As we are aware of the fact that Data Science is multidisciplinary in nature with coding as its spine. Becoming a Data Scientist requires proficiency in skills like quantitative problem solving, programming, analytics modeling, visualization, experimentation, and data handling adding to its core.


The preparation process to become a successful Data Scientist involves the following steps

  • Begin with sharpening your basic programming skills
  • Build intense coding skills in extensively used programming languages like Python, R, SQL, SAS, etc
  • Leveraging skills in advanced Big Data Analytic tools, like R Programming, Tableau, XPlenty etc.. Working on these tools will sharpen your skills in statistics, data mapping data visualization and transformation etc.
  • Build expertise in better understanding quantitative analysis, product intuition and analyzing the patterns in the Big Data will also become crucial
  • Build expertise in algorithms in Machine Learning.
  • Work on challenging projects to test your skills

Certify Your Skills-

A professional certification in Data Science has become mandatory if you are applying for the job role of a Data Scientist as a fresher. So work towards achieving it.

With intense knowledge of Data Science & a professional certification regarding the same can help you to get landed in the job role a Data Scientist in a well reputed company.  We at Kelly Technologies help the students in developing the right set of skills in Data Science as a part of our Data Science certification training program.

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