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Prominent Use Cases of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS is the prominent cloud platform developed and managed by, the biggest E-commerce service provider in the world. AWS delivers on-demand cloud services like storage, hosting networking, analytics, and more. Being considered as the most secured and a cost efficient cloud computing platform, enterprises around the world are moving their applications to AWS without even considering or adopting the lift and shift approach.

Enterprises that successfully migrate their business into cloud with AWS can benefit from a cost-efficient and secure virtual infrastructure. However to enjoy the benefits of AWS services to the full extent, enterprises need must and should comply with the recommended changes. You can know how to successfully migrate a business into cloud with our AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

Prominent Uses Cases of AWS:

  • Storage and Backup

The cloud storage service offered by AWS is well known for its high end security feature and ease of accessibility. Users can securely store their critical data and they can find multiple types of storage models to choose from and enterprise can choose from a number of service options based on their needs. S3 storage service in AWS can be used for storage of critical data, archiving for a longer time, and get benefited from faster data recovery rate and an uninterrupted service.

  • Enterprise IT

With AWS, businesses can easily develop, test, and run secondary operations in the cloud, and this facilitates them to finish projects at a much faster pace.  Faster completion of projects would be delivering competitive advantage and helps enterprises. The highly flexible cloud services empower enterprises with the ability to launch quickly.

  • Big Data

AWS highly scalable storage services supports enterprises to run analytical operations at higher frequencies. Analyzing the data stored in AWS doesn’t need much complexity.

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