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Prominent Terminologies In Continuous DevOps Lifecycle

Business & Software development enterprises these days are relying heavily on the use of new age technologies & software delivery practices to stay competitive & productive. DevOps is an advanced software/application development process following which enterprises can quickly deploy their products in the market & can also achieve continuous software delivery. With DevOps, companies can ensure the best quality of work through automation of software that consistently delivers the applications and removes errors.

DevOps is an enterprise software development term that is used to achieve an agile relationship in the enterprises’ software development and IT operations. The applications of DevOps have proven to induce high speed, enhanced efficiency & quality in the enterprises’ software or application delivery process. Build real-world expertise & hands-on skills in working on DevOps with the help of our comprehensive DevOps Training In Hyderabad.

Now, let’s look at the major aspects in the DevOps lifecycle.

  • Development

The software development process in DevOps is a continuous process. In this phase, the whole development process would get broken down into individual development cycles. The approach will help the teams to speed up their software development and delivery process.

  • Testing

The testing process in DevOps is continuous & is done with the help of automation tools like Selenium to identify & fix bugs in the new piece of code.

  • Integration

In the integration process in DevOps, & new functionality will get introduced and testing takes place. The integration process in DevOps is also continuous just like testing. Both continuous testing & integration contributes towards achieving continuous development in DevOps. 

  • Deployment

The deployment process in DevOps is a continuous process & whenever any changes are made any time in the code, DevOps process ensure that it doesn’t affect the functioning of high traffic website.

  • Monitoring

This process helps in identifying software performance detects bugs.

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