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Prominent Cloud Storage Solutions By Amazon Web Services

By subscribing to the cloud based services offered by AWS in the IaaS platform, users will get to build and manage their data as they grow, where they would be paying for the storage and server space that they need to build hardware or software. The main advantage of using Amazon Web services is that it provides the ability to implement various business projects and applications that can be run from any environment. This makes it easy for companies of different sizes to collaborate on projects.

Being the most secured cloud based storage solution, AWS storage services allows businesses to store their data securely over the cloud and saves the untenable costs of maintaining, monitoring, and hosting it on their own. The data that gets stored in the cloud with AWS is safeguarded with data encryption, data backup & retrieving the data in case any data loss issues is also a lot easier with AWS.

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Now, let’s look at different storage solutions offered by Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an advanced, scalable & most secured cloud based storage service by AWS. With Amazon S3, users can store any type of data for different use cases like website maintenance, mobile applications, backup and restore, data analytics and more. This storage solution by AWS is known for its 99.999999999% of durability.

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store

With Amazon EBS, users can avail persistent block storage volumes their EC2 instances. Amazon EBS ensures data protection from component failure & exhibits features like high availability & durability and also supports the execution of different types of workloads.  Being scalable in nature, users can easily scale up & down their storage power based on the requirement. This is one of the most economical storage services by AWS.

  • Amazon S3 Glacier

If you are looking for the storage service that lets you perform analytical operations directly onto the data & that supports features like high security, durability, and low-cost storage service then going with Amazon S3 Glacier would be the ideal choice.

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