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Pricing Model For Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud service platform developed by the Amazon E-Commerce company. AWS offers over 100+ different cloud services for compute, storage, database, analytics, hosting, deployment & many other services The diverse cloud services by AWS helps the enterprises move faster, countdown infrastructure costs & helps them in deploying applications more rapidly.  

AWS follows pay-as-you-go pricing model, that lets users to pay only for the particular service they have used over the period of time. Subscribing to AWS cloud services doesn’t involve any complex dependencies or any licensing requirements. This means that, with AWS, you can gain access to all the essential cloud based services that helps you to build innovative, cost effective solutions using the latest technology.

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Now, let’s look at the pricing model in Amazon S3.

Estimating Amazon S3 Storage Costs-

The cloud based storage solution of AWS is referred to as Amazon S3 that lets users pay only for the storage they have used. We can estimate the Amazon S3 storage costs based on the following factors.

About Amazon AWS Storage Class-

AWS offers the best cost optimized cloud based standard storage service in the form of Amazon S3 that has 99.99% durability & availability. Standard – Infrequent Access (SIA) is a cost optimized storage option that lets users to store the data which they tend to access less frequently at slightly lower levels of redundancy. AWS also have Amazon S3 Glacier storage option that lets users to archive data at very low costs.

Storage-The pricing model for storage services in AWS vary with number and size of objects which an user stores in the S3 buckets. Pricing also varies based on the type of preferred storage.

Requests- The pricing levels vary base on the number and type of requests. GET requests incur charges at different rates compared to PUT & COPY requests.

Data Transfer- The pricing also varies based on theextent of data transferred out of the Amazon S3 region.

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