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Pricing Model For Amazon RDS

The popularity of cloud based services offered by Amazon has steadily increased over time. Having over thousand different cloud service offerings & millions of customer base all around the world, AWS has soon become the leading cloud service provider globally. As per the stats, AWS is currently the largest shareholder of Infrastructure As A Service cloud market share.

Amazon RDS is a popular cloud based service offered by AWS that delivers database connectivity through the Internet. Setting up relation databases in the cloud has now become a lot easier with the development of AWS RDS.

AWS RDS presents users with the flexibility to set their complete focus on application development than setting up & managing database administration tasks. RDS is a fully managed RDBMS service.

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Now, in this post, let’s look at the pricing model for Amazon RDS.

Estimating Amazon RDS Cost-

  • Clock hours of server time

Users will be paying for these set of particular resources that are running straight from the launch a DB instance until it gets terminated.

  • Database Characteristics

The pricing charges will also be varying based on the database characters which the users will choose. This means that the pricing would vary based on database engine, size,and memory class.

  • Database Purchase Type

Users of AWS DB instance type will only be paying for the compute capacity on hourly basis.  AWS also facilitates its users to reserve the DB instances for their future use. For this users will be making a low, one-time, upfront payment for each DB instance for the particular period of time they have reserved it.

  • Number Of Database Instances

Users will also be changed based on the based on the number of database instances thy use to handle peak loads.

The pricing model also varies based on other factors like Provisioned Storage, Deployment Type & Data Transfer. Grasp knowledge of the pricing models of other services in AWS & work towards becoming a career ready cloud expert in AWS by being a part of Kelly Technologies AWS training program.

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