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Popular AWS Services Which You Should Know

The present age of 21st century can be termed as the age of cloud which is being dominated by the leading cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services.  AWS is best known for offering on cloud computing services which are highly popular for features like high security, scalability, and reliability for many business computing needs. Earlier, the task of building a data center, designing & installing storage arrays & server racks, is to be a complex task & this isn’t the case with AWS.

AWS offers a wide range of computing services for all kinds of customers needs which include cloud storage, compute power, app deployment, user account management, data warehousing & set of tools for managing IoT.  Get to know more in-depth about the complete architecture of AWS by joining our institutes advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program by cloud experts.  

Here below is the list of most popular services offered by AWS


Amazon Machine Image which is simply known as AWS AMI helps the users to deploy instances in the cloud. Its functioning can be compared to a local server in a data center or like a virtual machine that runs in the cloud. AMI is very crucial to AWS that without it we would have missed out from most of the cloud computing advantages.

AWS AppSync-

AppSync is an advanced cloud service by AWS that helps the companies in keeping their mobile and web apps up to date. It can be scaled up & down as per the customers’ particular needs. AppSync makes use of cost structure feature which allows it to maintain prominent data of its users & the rest of the data would simply be ignored.

Amazon Athena-

Enterprises which store their data in the cloud can be benefited a lot from Amazons Athena service.  Using this, users can run SQL queries in the cloud & they no longer require any local database for executing these operations.

AWS CloudFront

Amazon Web Services CloudFront is a predominantly used Content Delivery Network (CDN). AWS With this service, users can easily scale its power as per their media streaming, messaging, and file distribution requirements.

AWS Lambda-

AWS Lambda is an advanced & popular computing service delivered by Amazon. With this service, users can get their code processed & they can also get their computing resources automatically operated as needed.

In addition to these services, other popular services offered by AWS are AWS EC2, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Direct Connect on-demand by AWS.

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