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Most Popular Open Source Tools In DevOps

DevOps can be emphasized as a modern software/application development culture where the cross functioning teams will be working in collaboration throughout the application development lifecycle. Research has proven that the enterprises that rely on the agile software delivery practices in DevOps are able to release software or develop applications & release updates more frequently than those enterprises that are still relying on the traditional waterfall software delivery practices.

With Continuous Automation, Deployment & Monitoring being the major underlying principles of DevOps, there are a number of tools that help in achieving their purposes. Get to know more in-depth about the software delivery processes involving DevOps by joining for the real-time DevOps Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies

In this post, let’s take a clear look at some of the most popular Open-Source tools that are used in DevOps.

  • Nagios (& Icinga)

Nagios is one of the most extensively used infrastructure monitoring in the DevOps ecosystem. Being backed a large community base & having a number of plugins, Nagios can be termed as a veteran monitoring solution. Icinga, was then developed to take the features of Nagios to the next level, thereby ensuring ultimate user experience.

  • Monit

A mere simple looking can sometimes become the most useful tool as seen in the case of Monit. Monit is another popular monitoring tool that that carefully monitors the entire process on a machine is up and running appropriately. Setting up &Y configuring Monit doesn’t involve much complexity and its use case be extensively seen in multi-service architecture that comprises of over several hundreds of micro-services.

  • Jenkins

Discussing about the tools in DevOps would simply be incomplete without discussing about Jenkins. It is the most popular & also the most extensively used open-source tool in the DevOps ecosystem. Jenkins is having a number of plugins and add-ons & we can even customize its features as per the requirement.  Using Jenkins will make it easy for you to build code, create Docker containers & we can also execute several tons of tests.

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