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List Of The Top Services In AWS That You Need To Master

Back in the year 2006, the E-Commerce giant Amazon Web Company has come up with its own public cloud computing based platform. In general, enterprises or individuals need to pay completely for servers and other IT infrastructure irrespective of whether they use it or not. When it comes to AWS, users will only be paying for the particular service that over the particular period of time for which they have used that service. AWS has several thousands of servers all over the world which will be ensuring continuous & faster delivery of the services to the users.

Some of the most prominent services that offered by AWS include security, analytics, development tools, databases, storage, networking, migration, enterprise applications, etc. All these services offered by AWS would be following a typical cost effective pricing model known as pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Now, let’s look at the list of the top services in AWS that you need to master to get hired in this field.

  • Compute

AWS is having several powerful processors that would help in processing data directly on the cloud. With the help of these processors it becomes possible to execute multiple instances at the same time.

  • Networking

The networking service offered by AWS helps its users to integrate the security or access features to your business application.

  • Database

The database service in AWS It helps in managing relational or non-relational.

  • Storage

AWS storage service lets you store & access data from anywhere around the world.

  • Management Tools

There are several management tools in AWS that helps the users to closely monitor the progress of AWS instances.

  • Application Services

It includes multiple services like queuing, emailing or notifications, etc.

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