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List of the Most Prominent DevOps Software Development Tools

DevOps strategies have now become the mainstream software development practises that could help enterprises in achieving continuous software delivery. In the field of DevOps, there are several high paying job roles and currently, the role of a DevOps Engineer is the hottest job role in DevOps. You can kick start your career in the job role of a DevOps Engineer by developing skills in the technical and non-technical areas involving DevOps and you need to build practical expertise in relation to handling the most prominent DevOps toolsets.

You can build hands-on technical expertise in handling DevOps tools with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program. Now, let’s look at the list of the most prominent tools used in DevOps & their specific features.

List of the Most Prominent DevOps Tools:

  • Puppet

Puppet is one of the most prominent and widely used tool in the DevOps process. Puppet supports DevOps Engineers by providing real-time context, modeling, continuity infrastructure, and also helps in the early detection of bugs. The popularity of this tool is also because of the fact that Puppet is a free software tool.

  • Ansible

This is one of the most extensively used Open source tool in DevOps. By using this tool resource automation can done quickly and this tool also supports DevOps Engineers with application deployment, intra service, and cloud provisioning.

  • Docker

Docker is one of the most extensively used tools in DevOps software development process for containerization operations. This tool can assist developers in configuring multiple components, enhance productivity, save the starms and speeds up the software delivery process.

  • Nagios

When it comes to monitoring and rectifying errors in the development process, most of the DevOps software development teams rely on Nagios. This tool can assist in continuous monitoring, log server, bottleneck search, and bandwidth utilization.

  • CHEF

Most of the DevOps software development teams rely on CHEF to achieve speed, consistency, and scalability in their software delivery process. This tool helps the software development teams to maintain high availability, delver isolated tools, and port publications.

You can build hands-on expertise all these tools along with the other popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Git, Splunk, Selenium, etc with our DevOps Course in Hyderabad program.

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