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List of Prominent Data Science Skills for Budding Data Scientists

Although the buzzword “Data Science” has been around for some time, very few people know what a data scientist’s true purpose is. Indeed, data science is an emerging discipline and the demand for the skilled experts in this field. There are numerous areas where Data Science is being applied and it requires n number of skills sets to handle the data analytical techniques in Data Science.

Prominent Data Science Skills:

Being a multidisciplinary field, Data Scientists need to have skills in multidisciplinary areas like Mathematics, Programming, Data Analysis, Big Data Management, AI, ML and more. These skills are essential for the curation of data using the big data approach, but they are also crucial for accurate Big Data management. Apart from these skills both Data Storytelling and Data Visualization are also among the prominent skills sets in the inventory of Data Scientists. You can develop these multidisciplinary skills with Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

While others may believe that the simple use of data is in itself a science of data, there are many who are too intimidated to start using it. Most Data Scientific roles require statistics as a must to have skill set.

It is necessary for budding Data Scientists to learn Python and R languages in order to succeed in the process of data science. Regardless of the tools, a Data Scientist must understand the tasks of data preparation and their relationship to his data – the scientific workflow. Data preparation is not an art, and it is still difficult to determine how Data Science Managers assign tasks to the data and which goals they prefer first. A true data scientist will know how to combine data sets from multiple sources, not just one or two at a time, into a single data set. Become a certified Data Scientist with our Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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