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List Of Data Science Tools That Doesn’t Require Programming Knowledge

In this present age of Big Data, the job-roles in the field of Data Science are being considered as the hottest jobs in demand. Amid the COvid-19 pandemic, the IT & several other industries are experiencing a recession like situation. However, even in this critical situation, the demand for skilled professionals in Data Science is steadily increasing. This is the reason why many people are showing interest in building their career in the field of Data Science & its related technologies.

Becoming a Data Science exert requires intense knowledge of programming. Most of the operations in Data Science require knowledge of programming languages like Python, R. But if you are from a non-programming background then there’s nothing to be worried about. Build real-world skills in Data Science right from the scratch like statistics & programming to advanced concepts like Data Visualization & Predictive Analytics by being a part of our Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

There are several tools in Data Science that doesn’t require much of coding experience. Now, let’s take a look at them. 

  • RapidMiner

RapidMIner is an advanced tool set in Data Science with the help of which you can perform tasks like Data Preparation, Machine Learning, and Model Deployment.  This tool is very accurate in its functionality. You can work on this tool for free during its free trail 30 days period. Its enterprise plan is for $15000 per year.

  • Data Robot

If you are working on the applications in Machine Learning, then using Data Robot will help in automating the tasks. Usind Data Robot, deployment tasks becomes a lot easier.

  • Apache Hadoop

If you are working on the operations related to distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers then working on Apache Hadoop would be the ideal choice. Being an open source tool, working on this tool doesn’t require any cost.

Build real-world expertise in handling the tools involving Data Science by working on the projects in real-time by being a part of Kelly Technologies Data Sciencetrainingprogram.

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