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Key Principles That Define DevOps Mindset

DevOps is rapid software delivery culture which delivers exceptional results when managed perfectly. Speaking of DevOps, enterprises need to set of their focus on automating the testing and quality assurance processes. Continuous software delivery which is considered to be an impossible task to achieve with the traditional waterfall software delivery practice has now become possible to accomplish by simply deploying agile software delivery strategies involving DevOps.

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Now, let’s have a look at the key principles that define a DevOps mindset.

  • Be About Serving The Customer

Enterprises that are relying on DevOps should be ready to act as lean startups that can innovate continuously. If in case any of the underlying strategies fail to deliver the expected results then enterprises should be ready to invests in products & services that will help delivering utmost customer delight.

  • Create With The End In Mind

Enterprises need to work with the mindset of a product based company & the cross-functional teams need to work with shared responsibilities & by keeping in view of the end product in mind.

  • Automate Everything You Can

Continuous Automation is very crucial in DevOps along with continuous integration and continuous deployment. Make sure to use deploy advanced tools for continuous monitoring & automation throughout the delivery process.

  • Continuously Improve

Working towards achieving optimized speed & ease of delivery, and to continuously improve the products/services offered will be the economical approach.

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