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Introduction To Multiple AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services is best known for delivering a wide range of cloud services for compute, storage, databases, analytics, developer tools, IoT, & more on-demand. Services in AWS are available with a pay-as-you-go pricing where user will be paying only for the service which he has used over a period of time. AWS updates its services & security measures on a frequent basis which has gathered the attention from a lot of users. Currently, AWS is offering over 140 services.

Enterprises of all types & sizes & even startups can make avail of the services by AWS. So it’s quite obvious that the demand for the skilled & certified cloud experts would be sky rocketing. Up-skill your AWS cloud career knowledge with the help of the best AWS Training in Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

In this post, let’s have a look at some of the most predominantly used cloud services by AWS

AWS CodePipeline

If you are looking for the best cloud services where users can attain application updates more rapidly & reliable manner then opting for this service would be the ideal choice. With this service, whenever a change is made to the code, it will automatically builds, tests, and deploys the code which would be based on the release process models defined by the user.

AWS CodeDeploy

With AWS CodeDeploy, code deployments can be automated to any instance. With this service, automating Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers is no longer challenging. 

AWS CodeCommit

Using this service, users can securely host their private Git repositories.

Amazon EC2

With this service, users can gain access to multiple instances which are actually virtually application servers. They can use these servicers to deploy their code.

Amazon Elastic Container Service

If you are looking for the best cloud based container management service then availing Amazons Elastic Container Service would be the ideal choice. This scalable service also supports Docker containers.

AWS OpsWorks

With this service, users can configure and operate all types of applications using Chef.

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