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Insights To Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

In the year 2006, Amazon has stated delivering its own cloud computing solutions in the name of AWS. Over a short span of time, AWS has been quite successful in emerging out becoming a top contender in the global cloud computing market. In the process of becoming a undisputed leader in the global cloud computing industry, AWS has overcome many challenges and misconceptions. Develop real-world skills in relation to working on the technology of cloud in AWS with in-depth knowledge of management, monitoring, costs, benefits, limitations and other topics related to AWS with our intense AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s understand what exactly Amazon S3 is.  

What Is Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service which is otherwise known as Amazon S3 bucket is the most popular public cloud based storage service offered by AWS. Simply, Amazon S3 can be related to the data file folders where we store data & the only difference is that the files are stored in the cloud without the need for any virtual servers.

Why Amazon S3?

Before the advent of cloud revolution, most of the enterprises would be finding a lot of difficulty in dealing with the process of storing & managing their Big Data reserves. Also, enterprises that are into offering services like content delivery, web hosting, mails backup & other related services require huge storage spaces. Maintaining servers for storage applications isn’t just an expensive process but is also time-consuming.

This is where Amazon S3 has become crucial. Being a cloud storage service type, it helps the enterprises or individual users to securely store their files over the cloud & can access it from anywhere around the world using Internet. It is the most secured & scalable cloud storage type by AWS & It also store computer files up to 5 terabytes in size.

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