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Industries Where AI And Data Are Causing Disruption

The technologies of AI & Big Data aren’t new to anyone. Over the past decade these two technologies have been well successful in revolutionizing the world in the sphere of every industry.  The enormous rise in the data which is generated from a wide range of sources is acting like a fuel for boosting the industries in various aspects.   

There are several industries where AI & Big Data technologies are creating some serious disruption. Here are a few of them.

  • E-commerce & Retail

If have done online shopping from the top e-commerce websites then you might have come across chatbots, personalized shopping experiences, and curated product recommendations which are all the applications of AI. By carefully analyzing Big Data, AI can accurately predict the changes in the customer interests & as well as the upcoming customer orders for the next season. With these predictions retailers can plan strategies for inventory planning and purchasing, and to predict and control costs.

  • Digital Marketing & Content

Digital Marketing is another such industry which is also making extensive use of AI. AI can help marketers personalize and target email content, identify topics to use, and of course to analyze the results of content marketing campaigns.

When provided with accurate data AI powered machines can be used to develop articles on a variety of topics. Several AI powered tools are being used for developing quality content.

  • Automotive

Fully automated vehicles which don’t require humans to steer are the future innovations which can be made possible with AI.. Artificial intelligence is the technology driving this trend that will disrupt the transportation space. With Ai powered software these vehicles can be designed with advanced features like controls radar systems, lane control features, accident avoidance features, cameras, GPS, and more.

  • Healthcare

AI is an important technology behind several important healthcare developments. Virtual diagnostics, improved patient logistics, even robotic surgery are some of the applications of AI in the healthcare industry. In the years to come we can expect several higher level applications of AI which will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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