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Impact Of Data Science & Other Analytical Technologies IN Business & Everyday Lives

The present 21st century is being termed as the new age digital world where technologies like Data Science, AI & Machine Learning are influencing the industries across various platforms & our daily lives at large. As the use of Big Data is constantly increasing, the use of these analytical technologies has become very crucial to manage & explore the insights from Big Data.  These technologies are playing a crucial role in the field of IT, Healthcare, Business, Automobile, Telecommunication, & across several other sectors. 

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Now, let’s understand how Data Science & other prominent analytical technologies are impacting our everyday lives.

  • For Fraud Detection

As the use of Big Data has become more prominent & every enterprise is expecting to be having large reserves of Big Data & so cyber threats have become more prevalent. The advanced Fraud Detection techniques that are powered by Data Science & AI technologies are helping the enterprises in early identification & prevention of all forms of cyber threats.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

The use of smart applications that are powered by AI & ML technologies have completely revolutionized the users customer experience process. The use of these smart applications by AI & ML technologies has become very crucial for the enterprises across the E-Commerce & Retail industries.

  • Smart Virtual Assistants

Everyone must be aware of the smart digital assistants in our smartphones like Siri in Apple phones, Googles Android Assistant or Cortana. These smart assistants are also powered by AI/ML technologies.

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