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How Decision Trees In Data Science Are Being Used In Real-Time?

Whenever Data Scientists gets to deal heterogeneous & missing data then they mostly prefer using Decision Trees to accurately interpret with the missing data. Also, Decision Tress will reduce the burden of executing multiple computations to for data classification. 

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Now, in this post, let’s take a look at the applications of Decision Trees

Applications of Decision Trees-

  • Marketing & Sales-

Marketing is one of the areas that can be benefited a lot from Decision Trees. As a part of marketing, enterprises need to make a lot of decisions on frequent basis & this is where Decision trees become crucial. Decision trees help the marketing personals to get a clear idea of how their marketing strategy can impact their business model in real-time. Based on the ideas generated marketing experts can make precisely accurate decisions.

  • Reducing Churn Rate-

Most of the enterprises used to fail in retaining their existing customers due to lack of strategic planning. This is no longer the case with the advent of Decision trees. By implying advanced algorithms in Machine Learning & Decision Trees, enterprises are now able to accurately identify which customers are more likely to leave their business & thus they are targeting them with several new offers & bonuses.

  • Anomaly & Fraud Detection

Decision Trees are also very crucial for detecting frauds & anomalies in the Business models. With the help of Decision trees, enterprises are not only able to detect threats but they are also capable of predicting threats & frauds by using predictive modeling techniques as well.

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