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How Data Science & AI Technologies Are Being Deployed in Cybersecurity Applications?

With most of the business operations having become digitalized, enterprises across the industry verticals are under constant threat of cyber attacks. As per a recent report, cyber attacks have become more prevalent that the recovery cost from a common data breach is estimated at $3.86 million. Many enterprises are still following inefficient security systems which are easy to breach by cyber attackers. To safeguard their sensitive data from external threats, enterprises need to deploy advanced security systems and this is exactly where Data Science and Artificial Intelligence powered security systems become crucial.

By integrating Data Science & AI with their existing security systems enterprises can precisely tackle any form of external threats. This advanced security system also empowers enterprises to make accurate predictions about the chances of occurrence of external threats. Our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program can help you know about the other prominent areas where Data Science and AI technologies are being extensively used.

Impact of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security:

  • Enhanced Vulnerability Management

Integrating Data Science & AI as a part of their security models can help enterprises in enhancing their vulnerability management capabilities. Data Science and AI powered security models are very much capable of detecting anomalies that would often go unnoticed.

  • Accurate Threat Management

One of the major drawbacks of using traditional security models is that they heavily rely on signatures or attack indicators that are accurate when it comes to detecting previously discovered threats but they become ineffective while tracing new threats. However, by integrating the existing security models with Data Science and AI, behaviour analysis comes into the picture that can enhance the threat detection rate can to 95 percent. 

  • AI for Network Security

Data Science and AI powered threat detection models empowers network security systems to carefully analyze the network traffic patterns and if in case the system finds any unusual patterns it would raise the alarm.

You can know more in-depth about the applications of Data Science and AI technologies across the industry verticals with our advanced Data Science Course in Hyderabad program by specialist trainers. 

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