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How Are Global Organizations Deploying Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is emerging out, becoming a major trendsetting technology in the present 21st century.  Owing to the numerous benefits of implementing AI, businesses across various industries are deploying AI-driven smart solutions at large. Also, over the past ten years, the number of enterprises that are investing in researching AI has significantly increased.

As more companies are interested in deploying AI as a part of their business strategy, the demand for skilled experts in this technology has gone skyrocketing. So, as the number of AI career opportunities is on the rise, this is the perfect time to work towards becoming a certified industry-ready AI expert by joining for the advanced AI Training In Hyderabad offered by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s have a close look at how different companies are using Artificial Intelligence in practice.

  • Alibaba

The leading E-Commerce based Chinese company, Alibaba, is relying extensively on Artificial Intelligence to deliver its customers the best online shopping experience. Alibaba is using AI-driven recommender systems to come up with accurate product suggestions that are in the interest of their customers. This company is also using advanced algorithms in AI like NLP for automatically generating precise product descriptions for different items.

  • Alphabet-Google

If you have taken a close look at the recent social media trends, then you must surely have noticed Google’s Alphabet company trending at the top. This company is investing heavily in researching AI & is working towards setting a foot closer to achieve self-driving technology with the help of AI & Machine Learning technologies. It is also working on developing other AI-driven smart applications like AI voice interface that helps in scheduling calls automatically & can book appointments on your behalf by using NLP.

  • Amazon

Alexa is a smart digital assistant that is developed by the E-commerce giants Amazon Company. This application makes use of advanced algorithms in AI to understand & to process commands given by the user & accomplish tasks accordingly. It is also having the functionality of getting better with time as more data will be available to analyze, learn & evolve.

Other companies like Apple, Facebook, IBM, etc. are also working relentlessly to deliver AI-driven smart applications & products on their own. Learn how to build an intelligent application using AI & Machine Learning technology with the help of expert training by joining in the advanced AI Training program offered by Kelly Technologies.

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