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How AI Is Impacting Various Sectors? The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

The word Artificial Intelligence is well familiar to everyone. There is a lot of buzz going around across the IT & Corporate industry in relation to in-relation to AI, Machine Learning & other analytics technologies. With the growing prominence for the applications in AI, its demand is felt by every major company involving IT, Corporate, Business, Retail, Banking, Automobile & also Social Media sector. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, OpenAI are just a few companies to name that are investing heavily in this disruptive technology.

In this blog post, let’s have a look at what exactly is AI and how it is impacting in various sectors

Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more or less similar to human intelligence & is possessed by the machines. AI delivers machines with the ability to think & analyze on their own without of much of human involvement. With AI machines become smart enough to perform complex tasks on their own.

Now, let’s have a look at how AI is impacting various sectors

Role Of AI In IT Sector-

At present, IT is probably the biggest sector which is being influenced by AI on a bigger scale. The impact of AI across the IT sector is so high that every major company is on the verge to obtain the small startups that are into AI. IT giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cognizant are among the few companies that are quite active in delivering AI related services to their clients.

For Instance, Google assistants in our smart phones are powered by AI.

Artificial Intelligence Role In Automobile Industry-

In the early years of 21st century, driver less vehicles are depicted in the since fiction movies. The automobile industry at the present time has become so much advanced that it is implementing Modern Cutting-edge AI to develop automated cars that can be drive without the human assistance known as the Self Driving Cars.

Artificial Intelligence In Pharmaceutical And Medicine-

The applications of AI have also extended to pharmacy and medicine industries across the healthcare sector. With the help of complicated algorithms in AI and code it becomes easy to estimate human cognition in the analysis of complicated medical data.

Apart from these sectors there are several other sector that make a predominant use of the applications in Artificial Intelligence.

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