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Experts Guide To Understanding DevOps-For Beginners & Rookies

DevOps is the latest buzzword which is on the tip of every tongue in the IT world, from Development, Testing and QA through IT Operations. DevOps emphasizes towards building a culture change by shifting from the age old business practices to adopting agile & lean approaches which has proven to be a successful factor for boosting the revenue of the Organization.

DevOps encompasses strategies for traditional software development and infrastructure management processes that maintain the various Organizations to better serve the customers with more effectively in the market.

Defining DevOps-

DevOps has nowadays become a culture which is adopted by most of the IT & other organizations to stay competitive. Defining DevOps in a single line is quite hard as it exhibits different functionalities as per the organization needs. Every person who is working on it has their own point of view or opinion about DevOps.

Why Are The Enterprises Running Behind DevOps?

DevOps greatly supports business enhancement with high interactive software delivery methodologies and tools. The main aim of DevOps is to enhance and change the relationship between the development & operation units towards achieving better communication and collaboration So the DevOps describes clearly a culture and processes which brings the development and operations teams together to complete the software development.

According to the expert’s research 66% of the organizations are adopting DevOps as it helps in deploying the applications quickly by decreasing the production lifecycle. Hence the DevOps improvises the software development culture.

The major organizational benefits with DevOps implementations include

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Boosted production outcomes
  • Better collaboration between developers & operational units
  • Decrease in the time of production lifecycle
  • Silos can no longer exist with DevOps
  • Faster delivery of products to the market
  • Automation of resources
  • Efficient use of existing resources
  • Enhanced profit margins & many more

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